The Siblings Project | January 2017

Hello 2017!

We had attempted the Sibling Project last year (you can see that here)  The year had started off well, then Lucy came along.  The ‘spare’ time I thought I had, I didn’t anymore.  It was filled with breast feeding, extra time to get 4 kids ready for the school run & I’m not really sure where the other hours went.  They sure weren’t used for sleeping.

The year was filled with a gazillion projects and the last thing I wanted to do was to post non stop about how busy I was, how crazy life was and moan about how little sleep we were all getting.

This year, things have already started off a little calmer.  We post a lot over on Instagram and often fill our ‘stories’ with day in the life snippets.  We Vlog (if we have time) once a week and I love sharing little home style videos of the kids.  We’ll be taking part and trying our hardest with The Siblings project, Me & Mine and Living Arrows (again, failed at the years end).  I’ll be sharing them all once a month.

These guys, they melt me.  They are best friends and haven’t yet spent a day or night apart.
I’m not sure when that’ll happen, but I hope not for a while.
They are fast becoming best friends with Lucy too, it’s just magical to watch!

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Sibling Project | January 2017

We would love to know what you would love to see too!  Is there a part of life we share and you’d love more of, is there a part we don’t share and you’d like a peek at?  Just let us know!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to 2017, here’s to a good one!

Zoe xo

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2 thoughts on “The Siblings Project | January 2017

  1. Nicola Greenan

    I just love readying your stories and blogs, so brilliantly written with such love and tenderness for your beautiful family! Thinking back to the heartache of trying to have a baby and sharing the joy of being pregnant with Ruby and meeting her for the first time seems a lifetime ago!
    Your kids are so lucky to have you. Xx


  2. Jekaterina Moore

    Hello! I would love to see how you manage to feed the kids, what do you cook? You must be so busy. My husband is a truck driver too and it’s hard to be on my own.

    Love, Katie.


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