Pretzels & mini bunting

Pretzels.  Why have I never had pretzels??  
Ever… in my life?!  No one ever told me about Pretzels.  
They are beyond YUMMY!  And are now one of my favourite foods.  
I ate the entire bag all on my own and looked for more. 
The weather around here has been a little crazy, one minute the sun is shining, 
and the next its like a mini storm.  So, we have been stuck inside more than usual.
So what do you do when your stuck inside??
Of course!!  You BAKE!  
We got some fancy little things when we went to the ideal home show in Glasgow over the weekend including teeeeeny tiny edible glitter hearts, and we thought we should try out a few things before the party of the year (Ruby’s 1st).
Bunting, I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t know that I LOVE bunting.
And there really shouldn’t be anyone left who doesn’t know I love cake…
So today, we topped our cakes with mini bunting!
We had a great time baking, cutting, chopping, sprinkling & a lot of mess making, 
we were finally done and could actually eat some cake.  
Because the cake you eat when ‘testing’ doesn’t really count.
What goes best with a cake other than tea?  Strawberry milk, and my favourite straw…
And no party would be complete with jelly would it?
Have a fantastic week!  I’ll be updating Ruby’s 365 tomorrow 🙂
But I’ll leave you with a favourite of the week.
And yes… she is like this with REAL babies!

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One thought on “Pretzels & mini bunting

  1. Bravo

    I just made this with Reese’s peanut buettr cups. Since I saw somewhere that a bag of fun sized were used (of Snickers), I figured you could use any candy of the same weight. My peanut buettr loving friends will rejoice! It’s YUMMY!


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