#Our_nest | Guest Week #2 – Capture By Lucy, Petals

I lacked this week on Instagram, I had a little bit of a wobbly week with a poorly baby and it just set most of the week up for failure.
But, heres to a brand new week and a new #Our_nest!

www.simplyruby.co.uk #Our_nestHave you ever met anyone online and instantly thought, gosh, I feel like I’ve known her for a million years?
Thats Lucy.  She is by far one of the nicest, happiest and most inspiring women I know.  We met a handful of times at events & each time it passes by far too quickly!

Lucy was lovely enough to choose the theme for Our Nest this week.  The theme she chose, being the queen of florals, was PETALS!
Her forever home has a stunning garden with a gorgeous range of blooms and prettiness.

You can check out Lucy here: @capturebylucy

www.simplyruby.co.uk #Our_nest

Here are my favourites from the week of Petals!

@littlemaldod @sweetthingspei
@sarahehemsley @1eggand2spoons

www.simplyruby.co.uk #Our_nest

And my complete favourite has to be this colourful little number from @xantheb
How adorable are those shoes?? And bananas on toast. Yum!!

www.simplyruby.co.uk #Our_nest

Thank you to everyone who joins each week!  It’s such a delight scrolling through everyones images.

A new theme will be announced each SUNDAY morning.  All you have to do is tag your images that fit the weekly them with #Our_nest.
You can also follow me on Instagram for updates! @lovingthelittlethings

Have a lovely Sunday night!

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