#Our_nest | Guest Week #1 – Emily Hogarth, Homemade

Homemade items are some of my absolute favourite.
Homemade food always tastes better, homemade cards are always sweeter & homemade gifts?  Super personal and thoughtful. Can’t really beat them!

So, last week on Instagram I tried something new.  I had a lovely follower choose the theme for #Our_nest.
My little test bunny was the wildly talented Emily Hogarth.
For those who aren’t familiar with Emily’s work, you should take a look.  Phenomenal!

So, quite rightly, Emily chose HOMEMADE as the theme for the week.

My favourite has to be this shot of Maggie & Mary on a quilt Emily made. The girl has no end of talents!
You can follow her stunning Instagram here: @emilyhogarth


I loved all the homemade posts.  The cake… oh the home baked goods.  I won’t tell you how many times I licked my screen.  I’m not proud.
But my favourite shot of all last week had to be this from @flossyteacake01

I NEED this in my life!


Huge thank you to everyone who takes part each and every week.  I’ve found such a wonderful little tribe that grows each day!

This weeks theme is IN BED.
One of my favourite places in the world.

Tag posts with #Our_nest to join in the fun and I’ll feature my favourites here next week!
You can follow me here too: @lovingthelittlethings

Have a wonderful week!

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