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This weeks Instagram theme for #our_nest was ‘FROM ABOVE’.  Such a fun week!
You can follow me here: @lovingthelittlethings and follow all the lovely people who take part.

We had a week of cookie making, sickly babies, nap times & stories.

I loved scrolling through and looking at all your images, so many fun shots this week.  Loving all the top of kids heads and cosy cups of tea!  Here are my favourites from last week!

@ldiamond24 @mygirlsandme @simplyrosiephotography
fallfordiy @kirabug @lollydorrington
@yeahokbye @aalmadr @ohlittleonesweet

And this image made me just stop.  Its so breathtakingly beautiful.  I really just adore it.
Thank you @novelphoto, it would make such a beautiful print!

This weeks theme is SHADOWS & LIGHT.  Tag your images with #Our_nest to take part on Instagram!

Favourites will be featured here weekly.  Huge thanks to everyone taking part, I’m having a blast & meeting so many creative and inspiring people in the process!

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4 thoughts on “#our_nest | From Above

  1. Amelia @ Oh Little One Sweet

    What a lovely collection of photos! I love the reflection one. Thank you for featuring my photo! Chuffed to bits 🙂 xx


    1. Simply Ruby

      You are welcome, and thank you so much for taking part!


  2. Melissa

    This is so lovely! Thank you so much for including my photo! I’m loving your blog 🙂


    1. Simply Ruby

      Thank you so much for taking part Melissa! I am having so much fun!


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