Our Nest

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I love taking part in hashtag projects on Instagram.  There are so many wonderfully creative people out there and I love seeing all the beautiful images they create and discovering new people to follow and fall in love with.

I love the #itsamoodywednesday link.  With Gudy Herder.  They say Wednesdays are the most depressing day of the week, you can make it shine beautifully by checking out this hashtag, sure to brighten up anyones day.

I also try and take part in the #CapturingColour weekly with Lucy from Capture by Lucy.  Their theme for the week is announced on a Monday and you snap and tag everything until the Sunday evening.  This week the week of HOME.  And I love nothing more than a relaxed day at home with the family.

We love being at home together.  To be honest, we all just love being together.  Some moments you just want to remember forever.  Some aren’t ‘technically’ correct but as sometimes the most beautiful.  I call it our home our little nest.  Our safe haven.  Where we are all happiest. Together.

We enjoy each others company, movie nights, rearranging rooms and spending time together as a family.  With easter around the corner I thought I would start up my own little Hashtag game on Instagram and invite you all to play along too.  So this week, show me your blissful moments.  That first cup of tea, the quiet moment before everyone wakes, A favourite book or your favourite little corner of your home.  When all the kids play happily in the sunshine and snuggle in for those little hugs.  Tag your images with #Our_Nest and link up with me on Instagram at @LovingTheLittleThings if you would like to play along.

I’d love to see what inspires you!

Zoe x

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