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It’s been 3 weeks since I started the #Our_Nest project.  I love that so many people are taking part and that I am surrounded by so many creative people.
Last week was HANDS!  I love hands.  I have freakishly long fingers.  My thumbs are huge.  Like really huge.  They are creepily weird to look at.  But what I do love are kids podgy little hands.  Those fat little fingers.  So plump.  Plump. I love that word.

This week we had tea parties of the real and completely imaginable kind, breakfast in bed, catching (and setting free) GIANT bumble bees and lots of giggles.

These were my absolute favourite shots from last week. So many plump little hands!

I just adore this shot by @threesacrew!  We love a good game of tic-tac-toe.  I can’t wait until Ruby can actually play it instead of making nice pictures.
I loved these other shots by @sineadylemonadey, @cariemay, @j_hobbs, @littlejampotlife & @ashessig.  Such gorgeous little moments you all captured.
Thank you so much for taking part!

This weeks brand new theme is YELLOW!  I adore yellow, so springy and happy.  Pop on over to Instagram and tag your yellow images this week!
#Our_nest & @lovingthelittlethings

Happy Saturday! xo

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