Me & Mine |September 2014

A few months back I promised myself I’d take part in the Me & Mine project.  To take a shot of you and your family every month.  I’ve completely failed and never managed to join in yet.  Life just got in the way.   September has been one huge blur.   Ruby started pre-school and we completed our family with 2 new additions.  Now, I completely regret not starting the project sooner. I’ve missed capturing the months of our family expanding.

So, with 2.5 hours of sleep, one of the hottest days we’ve had all year and 2 new bundles with reflux, I couldn’t see a better time to start really.

Me and Mine

So here is Me & Mine.  My heart is ready to burst.

Zoe x

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3 thoughts on “Me & Mine |September 2014

  1. Carie

    Oh that’s a lovely lovely photo, and many congratulations on the new arrivals!


  2. Lucy DearBeautiful

    Oh I’m so glad you’ve joined in, and with this lovely photo too. I think when you have new babies, that whole family photos really show off their changes more, as the grown ups are there to compare them too. And they are so lovely too look back on and see how the family has all grown together.
    I swear Ruby just looks like the proudest big sister ever, in every single photo I’ve seen of her since the twins arrived. So adorable. x


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