Weeks 29-34 | Living Arrows update

It’s been a while.  There’s been a whirlwind of birthday parties, big news, good news, exciting news, more parties and family trips abroad & rebranding websites, which I’ll be posting about later this week.

It’s been rather overwhelming and I’ve not had a moment to breathe.  Until now.  And thats only because I’m secretly up typing this at 4am.
Starting updates with my Living Arrows from the last few weeks.

My smallest people turned 11 months.  Each and every month I am completely shocked at how fast it actually happens.  Each month seems to pass that little bit faster than the last.
29 | 52
living arrows29
We had a little unexpected surprise!  So delighted to be welcoming baby no 4 into our crazy home, next year is going to be crazy busy.
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living arrows30
We attended a family wedding in Lake Bled, Slovenia, with our first family holiday abroad with all the little ones.
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living arrows31

Fastest month ever right?  Those tiny snuggly newborn babies turned ONE!
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living arrows32

And a few days later, Ruby started school.  It feels like someone has pressed fast forward on life and I am watching it through someone else’s eyes.
33 | 52living arrows33
But, there’s always time to stop and admire the gorgeous creatures we find in the garden.  Just enough time to stop and smile.
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living arrows34

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