Living Arrows | January 2017

I failed.
I thought last year I could do it all.  Run around after twins, whilst taking my eldest to ballet, tap, jazz, rainbows, book club, lego club and having a baby in between.  Add in a few too many photo projects, instagram & running a studio, it all just got really overwhelming.  I missed the last few weeks of Living Arrows and any other projects I had started.
And I was pissed at myself for failing.

This year, I’ll be sharing the Living Arrows posts each month, in a little cluster.
They will all be in black & white, my absolute favorite. I just love the way they look and all the emotions they can throw at you.  They have this little bit of soul & character in them.

2017 has a lot to bring us.
Lucy turns one.  Harry’s going for his first haircut and will most likely have been by the time this is posted.  Emily might get some hair and Ruby’s front teeth are ‘like super’ wobbly.
It all makes for a very exciting year.
And we can’t wait to share it all with you!

WEEK 1|52
WEEK 2|52
WEEK 3|52
WEEK 4|52
WEEK 5|52


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