Living Arrows | February & March 2017

Remember I posted back in January, how I was going to share the Living Arrows shots every month?
I took the shots, I did.  I edited them and they sat there.  The kids got sick, I got over run with my ‘day’ job a little, and by a little I mean I took on more than I could chew.  I was spinning all these plates and instead of keeping them all going in the most perfect harmony I dropped and smashed the lot into a billion pieces.  And of course, not only did I have to get the plates re spinning I had a bloody mess to clean up on top of it.

I over filled my hard drive, I had scratch disks that were full.  My hard drive broke.  My computer wouldn’t switch on.  I couldn’t find the charger for my laptop…  you know.  Life.

So here I am at the start of June, sharing February & March with you in one post.  Then I’ll pop April & May in another, I wouldn’t want to bombard you with too many images of my kids, I mean they are cute, but thats a little too much in one post.

February & March:


You can see January’s Living Arrows post here – January 2017

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