Living Arrows 1|52

When you start a new year, you have good intentions.  Its a fresh start, its a chance to do things right & make sense of the year you’ve left behind.  I had promised myself I was going to post my Living Arrows each week. On time. First week… I missed the deadline.  Why?  I forgot what day it was, the holidays confuse the life out of me, its christmas, my birthday, the twins have been cray cray with teething and I think I’ve had around 3 hours of broken sleep each night since the week before the holidays started.
So, my first week was shot and left in my drafts until I had enough sleep and remembered my password and what day it was.

Lets kick off the year with a little glitter and make it a good one!


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”.

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One thought on “Living Arrows 1|52

  1. Nicola Greenan

    I do love reading your blogs! I smile to myself the whole time I’m reading them. Your wonderful way with words means you feel like you’re actually with you on your journey! Thank you for sharing your little bits of wonderful.
    You are the sweetest craziest girl I know! On that note – driving licence???
    Love Nicola xxx


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