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Oh winter, here you are.  The season of winter illnesses like flu.  We try and trust that our kids will wash their hands before lunch while they are at playgroup and cross everything that they do, and we live in hope that any bugs stay firmly in the nursery, never to make it home.  But, it’s not always the case and something will always find its way to you.  Today I was awakened with a kid sneezing in my face, thankfully I hadn’t even opened my eyes yet.

Have you ever had the flu?  And not just a little throat tickle, or a rough cold that you’ve milked a little to get a long lie that weekend.  I mean the actual flu.  I have.  And let me tell you… it was not a pretty sight.  Not. One. Bit.

Throw back to 2017 when flu was at its worst.  I still had to parent 3 tiny children and do a school run for the biggest one and I felt like I could die any second.  Sounds super dramatic, right?  My entire body hurt like I’d been in a fight I didn’t win.  I was hot.  I was cold. I was too hot again and I couldn’t breathe, I felt faint.  Now, can you imagine someone age 2 or 3 feeling like that?  Or worse, 90?  We spend a lot of time around the elderly at playgroups and visits to the local care home, so we like knowing we are covered and that they are safe too, because to us, getting the flu vaccine isn’t all about you.

It’s not.  It’s about those around you that are most vulnerable, those who don’t quite have the same immune system we do.  It’s about keeping you and your family safe and healthy, because the flu doesn’t care if you have a party to go to, if you are visiting your Nan or if you eat your 5 fruit and veg a day.  And to me, the sleepless nights are so not worth it.

Making an appointment with the GP for your little ones who aren’t quite in school yet is easy. The vaccine is free for children ages 2-5 and is just a simple little nasal spray, no needles required.  It’s really that easy.  For more information, you can watch this little advert or click HERE.


Have you booked your flu vaccine yet?

*This is a sponsored ad in partnership with NHS Health Scotland and their Super Spreaders Child Flu campaign.  All views are my own.*


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  1. Amber

    What beautiful images! And such wise words. I’ve had the vaccine but my children haven’t… thank you for reminding me that I should get on to that.


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