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I started taking videos of my kids when I realized there weren’t many of me when I was growing up.  I’d love to be able to dig through a big box and pop in videos of us when we were little.  I’d love to show them to my kids and giggle over the outfits my mum had us wear, or the latest ‘fringe’ I’d had cut.
(Which I still do now).

But theres none.

I started making a few Vlogs and popped them on Youtube.  They were never intended for you.  They were for us.  It was just lovely that you came for the ride and love sharing moments with our family as much as we do.  A few friends shared them and we had a hundred views or so.
I wanted to make them more like little home movies.  With a ‘Wonder Years’ feel.
Almost as if you had stumbled across some moments that were just for us, that made you feel like you almost shouldn’t be watching.  Vlogumentaries, if you will.

Our real, honest selves and yet I feel like I got a little sucked into mainstream with the ‘HEY GUYS’ shouty blogs, which I have a few favorites, but the market is so saturated, It’s almost as if they are getting more shouty & fast paced just to out do the latest blogger on the block.  It’s not a place I fit in or feel comfortable.  It made me stop.  I didn’t want to be sucked in.  I didn’t fit in with the crowd, I wasn’t the same.  I didn’t want to be the same.  I wanted my own little pocket of magic.

I want our kids to be able to look back on all the moments we had, the little details, the sweet glances, the stolen kisses, the unexpected hugs the dripping ice creams, the toys all over the floor…

Real. Life. Moments.

I want them to be instantly taken right back to their childhood and see it from their angle, as if they were reliving it.  Not from a distance or without having to sift through hours of me talking to the camera, but more catch conversations and sweet moments between their parents.  See what we were like when we were younger, how much we adored them and remind them of all the moments we enjoyed together.
I want them to be nostalgic.  Like little time capsules of life they want to relive as many times as they like… and it might change.  It might evolve into something completely different from what I see now, and thats ok too.

And it’s so hard to stand out.
To be different.
To be you and get heard over the noise of everyone else in the ‘room’.
Then, you have to remember why you started.
It was for me.  For us.

It was never for you.

But thank you for being here, it means a lot.

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2 thoughts on “It was never for you | YouTube

  1. Nicola Greenan

    Your little video clips prove to the world, that of all the people I know, you and Keith deserved to be Mummy and Daddy…… You have the luckiest bunch in the world and in years to come, they will get so much joy and comfort from your vlogs and blogs!! Lots of love XXX


  2. jennw076

    I love this!! It totally makes me want to start recording more videos! I love looking back on clips of my little gal as a newborn and following so many YouTubers and their kiddos! I think your kids will look back and be SO grateful for this. So glad I found your blog through the FB group 🙂 Following you on Instagram too!



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