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2 thoughts on “Instagram | Paris

  1. Ben

    My daughter has the same exact bunny here in the USA and it looks exactly the same (3+ years of wear and tear). It’s name is “Bunny.” She would be absolutely devastated if she ever lost it so I understand how you feel. One time we left it at a friend’s house and didn’t realize until right before bedtime. I drove 45 minutes roundtrip to go pick up the bunny because she was crying so much and wouldn’t go to bed. We actually have an identical “back-up” bunny that is still bright white and unworn, but she wants nothing to do with it because it doesn’t look or smell the same. I wish you the best of luck and hope you find the bunny soon!


  2. Mayca Estevez


    I saw this “Mr Rabbit” which has been lost in a shop window in Chessington North. I took a couple of pictures that are quite dark but you can still see him.

    I am going to India tomorrow but if you want to call me before that, I’ll send you the pictures and the name of the shop.

    Mayca 07516757101


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