Instagram | January Favourites

Not all my images are taken with my trusty Nikon.  Some of my most favourite are those I quickly snapped with Instagram.  Some are the most ridiculous faces you pull when a llama tries to eat your scarf.  Some are of your 2 year old getting a pea stuck up her nose, and you know you have to snap when her butt eats her pants during potty training.
Not all images have to be perfect.  
It started as a personal account but I love that so many of my blog readers like to catch up on what we are up to more often, I’d love to keep up with you too!
To join in just tag your image with #simplyruby so I can check them all out! 
I might even pop a few of my favourites on this blog next week.  So get tagging!
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One thought on “Instagram | January Favourites

  1. Glasgow Mummy

    Aww – some lovely photographs 🙂


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