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July has been a tough month, in both pregnancy and life.

Sadly, life hasn’t been all sunshine and growth scans.  After years of fighting and beating cancer multiple times, sadly my nan lost her battle and passed away.  One of the toughest goodbye’s I’ll ever have to say.  We had hoped she’d meet the babies.  She loved when I popped into the hospital for a visit, the last time I seen her she got to feel both babies kick and we both had tears in our eyes, I think I knew then she wouldn’t be around to meet them.

This month I also hit the 34th week of my twin pregnancy.  I didn’t think I’d make it quite so far, especially going into preterm labour at just 26 weeks, then again at 30 & 31.  Steroid injections… never again!  Proud as punch that I’ve managed to keep them cooking that little bit longer.  Every day they are warm in my tummy is a day less they will spend in the NICU when they arrive.  The end is in sight but still seems so far away and most days I can barely walk without being in pain.  I can only eat kid portions of food and my cravings seem to change every half hour.  Growing twins is by far one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, but I know at the end of it I am going to have 2 amazing babies to snuggle and I can’t wait for that!  Ruby is already wearing her big sister hat and can’t help out enough.  She’s going to be an amazing big sister.  These guys are lucky!

Here are July’s favourite Instagram images!

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 I love Instagram and I love the summer!  They make the most perfect combination.  All the pretty blooms and colours.

I’ve been taking part in the #capturingcolour hashtag.  Last week was PINK!

#capturingcolour is a weekly Instagram hashtag that everyone can take part in.  For the month of August there is a special RAINBOW edition with an extra hashtag #kidscapturingcolour so your little ones can get involved too!

Just search the hashtag to see everyone else’s entries and join in yourself!

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Happy July! x

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