I want to be dreamy | Simply Ruby

It’s not often Ruby asks to be photographed.  She’s been photographed so much in her tiny little 2 years that any sign of a camera and she instantly runs the other way.

She asked me to take a photograph of her.  She was pretty specific, she wanted one with her eyes closed.  
‘I want to look all dreamy, mamma’
So, dreamy she got.  

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3 thoughts on “I want to be dreamy | Simply Ruby

  1. Jenna

    Loving the dreamy pictures, ruby is such a gorgeous girl


  2. Louise M

    Ruby you got “dreamy” PERFECT, hope to see your photos here soon, you already have so much talent x


  3. lucy at dear beautiful

    Awwww, she looks so beautiful. And definitely looking very dreamy. X


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