well hello spring!


Monday’s.  Usually people hate Monday’s.  The start of the week.  First day back to work after a lovely weekend off.  Work.

I, on the other hand, I LOVE Mondays!  I work all weekend, pretty much every Saturday & weekend, so Mondays are our Saturday.  So, not only did I have a day off, it was sunny AND I found a gorgeous wee spot to take some new photographs of Ruby.  She’s growing up so fast, her curls are dropping out, her little chubby cheeks aren’t around anymore.  She has the best sense of humor and has just learnt sarcasm.  Sarcasm from a 2 year old… Hilarious.


Every day for the lat few months we’ve past this place on the way home.  I’ve been dying to get in and see it and its finally open!

So…  It was sunny, it was a day off, I got some gorgeous shots of Ruby AND I found my new favourite cake stop?!

Best Monday in forever!

So ‘The Store‘ is a lovely homegrown, locally sourced shop & cafe.

The cake… Delicious.  The hot chocolate… Delicious.  Their Froyo, that you get to pour in the factory and top with yummy yummy treats… yep, delicious.

It’s warm and friendly, the staff have so much knowledge on the locally sourced products.  They have a lovely little play shop for children within the cafe and a lovely picnic area and fort outside too.

It’s ging to be hard not to stop in every day on the way home!



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3 thoughts on “well hello spring!

  1. Lisa @ Food and Motherhood

    Your wee girl is so cute and your photos are amazing.

    Have added The Store to our visit list, I have a wee two year old too and a four year old, it sounds perfect for them.


  2. Lauren

    She is so beautiful. How do you get her to keep so still for photographs?
    Her hair is really really cute too.
    Your photographs are amazing xx


  3. Jenna

    The shop looks lovely and somewhere I can imagine you in

    I love ruby and daddy photos


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