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I’m not the most organised person in the world.

Infact, I am the most unorganised person. In. The. World.

I can never remember dates, times, appointments…  I forget birthdays, unless I see it pop up in my facebook sidebar.  (thanks facebook!)

So, I thought I would share some of the apps I love and that keep me a little organised and in touch with the world.



1.  Any.DO | Make Things Happen

I love Any.Do.  You can have both personal and work To-Do lists.  I try to keep mine up to date as often as I can.  With Any.DO you can even score out those tasks you’ve completed.

Which of course makes you feel like you’ve totally achieved something today.  You can also share your lists with friends and family, very useful for my husband!

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Happier is a brand new app that I am in LOVE with!  LOVE.  It promotes happiness and finding it in each day.  Whether that be an ice cream at the beach, completing a work task or simply managing a daytime nap.

You can upload images, share your own happy moments and if you complete 3 a day you get a little fanfare of confetti, and who doesn’t like to be told they’re awesome?


I get around 40 emails a day and I find it a real trouble keeping up with them.  I spend an hour each morning, and if I can, some time at nights popping them back and forward.  But, one goes out… 2 come back, and you don’t always have the option of leaving it to the next morning.  My gmail app is great for letting me attempt to keep on top of work and organising shoots.  Not forgetting the emails from you lovely readers too.


Everyone loves Instagram.  I don’t always have my DSLR with me and there’s some moments you just don’t want to miss.  So Instagram is great for that.  It’s lovely to share those little private moments with friends too.

Cuddles, sleepy mornings, work and favourite family moments.  I snap ’em all.

You can go here: @MyLittleWildlings  if you would like to follow us.

5. Pinterest

I. DIE.  Pinterest, well it’s amazing.  Seriously.  Stuck for inspiration?  Spend 30 minutes on there (which actually turns into 4 hours) and you’ve decided to redecorate your entire home, label boxes and take pictures of it all.

You can follow others, pin boards, there are secret boards too, if your planning something special.

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