February | Project 52


February was quick wasn’t it?
I know its the shortest month but it feels like we just settled in and BAM… it was March or half way through by now.

It feels like the days are running away with me.  I get up at the sparrows fart with 4 kids who are as excited on a school morning as they are on christmas day. Then, before I know it, the hours have slipped away, lunches have been made and cleaned up.  The school bell has rung and the darkness is closing in through the blinds.
And another day has gone and I feel like I’ve only just made the beds by the time everyones crawling into them.

The week days blend into one.  The human yo-yo act runs Monday to Friday and we long for the weekends when we can snuggle with Disney early in the morning and venture out for walks and trips in the afternoons.  February felt a little weird.  It wasn’t filled with anything and yet we seemed so busy in the same breath.
We visited a few cafes for some Tea Journals posts, we strolled along the beach and spent our hard saved pennies in the arcades.  We ventured to Newcastle and had a lovely weekend stay in the Holiday Inn and within 2 hours of being home I was whisked off for afternoon tea.

I’ve fell in love slightly with picking my camera again, collecting those magical little home stories over the bigger moments.  I am already looking back at moments from when Lucy first arrived and so thankful I took as many as I did, I sometimes forget she’s already 2 and isn’t so much a baby anymore, the time has just flown by.  I could sit and watch them for hours, the little curls falling down the nape of their necks, their chubby little fingers dancing through the dust in the sunlight, or wiping away crumbs from their cheeks.  Those little tiny moments, where nothing really happens but are the moments we would give anything to go back for.

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  1. K&E

    That is how we felt about February too! But at least a step closer to spring <3 Xoxo, K&E


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