Can we stop with the Beyonce bashing?

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Ever since Beyonce announced her she was pregnant with twins, the internet has become this little pod for Beyonce bashing.  Fat shaming her left right and centre for gaining weight during her TWIN pregnancy, and then ripping her a new one for losing it all too quickly once they arrived.

Yep, she had twins, and no, she’s not the first celebrity to have them,
She’s in a long line behind Julia Roberts, Neil Patrick harris, Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie & George Clooney to name just a small handful, and she won’t be the last.  But hell, as a mother who has had twins, it is hard.  Theres no other way about it.  And if I had the money to hire a nanny, or a daily make up artist and a photographer to take a shot of me looking smoking with mine I would have.  Not a thought to be spared for the many trolls of the tinterweb.

Theres no amount of money or fame in the world that can prepare you for being a mother of multiples.  None.  And no matter your situation, its bloody hard work.  My house looked like I was constantly losing a game of Jumanji, I wanted to punch my singleton mum friends clean in the face, with a chair, who were complaining they were tired and the closest I got to a shower some days was when I turned the tap on and the water bounced off a rogue cereal spoon in the sink and hit me in the bloody face.  Some days were completely magical, friends would visit and I actually got to put a bra on, along with concealer and if it was really magical… I got to sip my tea before it went cold.

No matter which parenting group I opened on Facebook, there she was, there was no escaping the onslaught.
If theres one thing I truly cannot stand is women ripping each other down.  Since when has that ever been helpful to anyone?  I mean really?  Of all Parents, those of multiples should know how difficult, sometimes shitty & lonely things can be, how tough it is for not one, but TWO tiny little people demanding the same thing at the exact same time and ruling every moment of your life.
So why are we all jumping on the shaming wagon?  Why are we all comparing our lives with side by side images of how shit we feel and how she should look, why are we shaming her for showing off her gorgeous babies to the world, oh so proudly, just like every mother does?  Didn’t you?
Go on yourself Beyoncé!  You got this mama!

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One thought on “Can we stop with the Beyonce bashing?

  1. Donna

    Hear, hear! It’s so unnecessary. People seem to think they can bash celebrities purely because they’re celebrities and seem to forget that they’re people too x


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