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Remember being 13, you spent your time carefully choosing what to use your throw away camera snapping, you would run to the local pharmacy and pop it in for a 24 hour process, sometimes if it fell on the same day as pocket money day you could get the 1hr speedy service, giddy the entire wait to see what you had caught on film, sticking your favorite ones on your bedroom wall in-between boyband posters from Smash Hits magazine and cinema stubs.

On a Saturday I would stay at my nans house.  She had a big box of old photos.  Some were so old that she sometimes struggled to remember names of people in them, they had been passed down from her parents and I’d adored the outfits and the candid moments caught on film.  It was one of my favorite memories of growing up and of my nan.

Now, everything is instant.  My kids don’t sift through boxes, asking question after question about the people in them.  They don’t giggle over haircuts or laugh at silly outfits my mum made us wear.  Anyone else remember those awful puffy velvet headbands with your name in glitter gel on top?  Just me?  Surely not…

I was lucky enough to be sent the super cute HP Sprocket Gift Box.  Small enough to fit in your pocket and take anywhere, you can use this little guy anywhere for printing your favorite little moments in 2×3″ prints, that also double up as stickers.

Being a photographer I am always telling people how important it is that you print your photographs.  This day in age technology moves so fast, hard drives crash, homes flood, and what on earth is the point in them sitting in a drawer on a usb?  I mean who can enjoy them there?
We try and have as many photographs up as we can at home.  I love how cosy and homely it feels and how it makes my heart feel each time I pass an image and the memories of the day come flooding back.

Each Limited Edition gift box includes:

HP Sprocket in white
10 pack of printer paper/stickers
A rose gold zip case
a mini album
& a voucher for a customizable skin.

Printing straight from your phone via bluetooth, you can choose your camera roll or your instagram feed and have you little print in your hands in just a few seconds.

We have SO many plans for christmas using these little stickies in with our present wrapping.
Such a perfect little gift for someone who loves making little memories, I’ve already lost mine to Ruby who has planned some selfies with her BFF’s and is popping them on her wall, just like I used to do.

*This post was in partnership with HP & was gifted.  All views are my own.*

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