Books, snuggles and tea.

Yesterday was a better day she could smile at me without shooting snot out her nose.
Major achievement.
And when your greeted with this smile as you walk in her room on a gorgeous morning,
you can help but think, yep, today is going to be a good day!
How wrong can you be?  I picked her up and we had a projectile vomit situation.
I don’t think there is anything within 2 feet that it didn’t hit.
My to do list is ever growing, its a full A4 page, front and back.
Every time I go near it, I tick one small thing off and add two things on.
Its hard to get anymore done when all Ruby wants to do is snuggle in listen to me read the same book to her 9 times before she dozes off on my knees.
 I had a list of books I loved when I was younger, and I had to buy for when our baby arrived.
This one could be where my tea obsession came from…
No matter how many books are scattered over the floor, this seems to be her favourite.
Even if it is just to chew.


Can’t wait to see what colour her eyes finally are..

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