Autumn Walks

We had a long weekend.  One of the longest we’ve had in a while.
It started with a lovely trip to Yarm.  We visited our lovely friends and stayed the weekend.
First stop was to the park to feed the ducks and we took advantage of the gorgeous Autumn colours and had a little shoot with the beautiful Amelie.

Ruby loved spending time with Amelie!  There were lots of hugs, kisses and following.
Where ever Amelie went, Ruby was only a few steps behind giggling…
I also got to meet the super lovely Marna from Little A Designs.
Her family are beautiful and we had a little product shoot too!
You should check out her work here: Little A Designs.
I’ve already ordered Ruby a little something for christmas!
Totally yummy 🙂

My shoot finished around 12pm and we had a special first birthday party to attend at 2pm…
…In Edinburgh.
I don’t know what were were thinking, but with Sunday drivers, bad traffic & a grumpy baby we were never gonna make it on time.  But we got there (really late) we missed the cake & the dancing but we loved seeing Aaron!  
Aaron and Ruby are going to be best friends when they are older, just like me and his mummy…
It was a knackering end to a long weekend it wouldn’t take a genius to work out we would all be knackered the next day and I’d have worlds grumpiest child on my hands.  
Surprisingly she was full of beans and happy to be spending time in her own home, with her favourite rabbit and bossing Poppy cat around when she woke up. 
I spoke too soon… 

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