A little life and 365 update.

Good Evening!  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, despite the rain!
Gonna kick off the Sunday update with the 365 for the week…
7/6/11 photo – 158/365
8/6/11 photo – 159/365
9/6/11 photo – 160/365
10/6/11 photo – 161/365
11/6/11 photo – 162/365
12/6/11 photo – 163/365
We had a fun week, we spent time in the gorgeous studio with our FIRST birthday cake smash.
I can tell you that it was NOT Rubys smash, nor was it her cake,
but first chance she got she was in there with the biggest mouthful of cream icing she could get.
Joanne took a few snaps of her misbehaving!
Beans on toast… my favourite lunch!!
June-September is wedding season.  I don’t normally photograph weddings,
I do however do some for friends.
I cant help but buy the wedding magazines and oogle over the gorgeous dresses,
the shoes, the hair pieces, the cakes….
I had the joy of photographing a friend of mine yesterday.
She looked SO happy, and her boys all looked gorgeous in their kilts.
Even though it rained ALL day.. she had the biggest grin on her face!
Thanks for letting me share your special day!
Your cake was YUMMY!
Its been a whirlwind week & next week is going to be another busy one, with some studio photos and another birthday smash for the gorgeous Devon!
We hope the rain goes and the summer finally stays!
Hope you’ve enjoyed your sunday as much as we have..
If your happy and you know it clap your hands 🙂



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